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Stitch a panorama


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Updated on May 07, 2016

Summary of the steps in the realization of a panorama

Through this guide, I want to share my passion for panoramic photography. There you'll find numerous pieces of advice to create your first panorama or become an advanced panoramic photographer, or even stitch a gigapixel panorama. The creation of a virtual tour deserves a part of its own...

Appareil photo sur tÍte panoramiqueThis part of my guide dedicated to panorama stitching is thus divided in three main parts:

  • The realization of your first panorama, with your smartphone, your point-and-shoot camera or your last reflex. You'll find numerous pieces of advice to start well there... Click here suivre
  • The shooting and the stitching of a panorama of professional quality in 14 steps - Click here suivre
  • The shooting and the stitching of a gigapixel panorama in 12 steps - coming soon... suivre

The realization of virtual tours deserved an entire part of its own.

You'll find numerous pieces of advice, for free, as well as videos, some of them free, most of them not, to help you or accompany you in the realization of beautiful panoramas, why not even gigapixels. If you know this site since its launching in 2002, you'll have that I'm patiently trying to make it clearer and that's why I decided to create three main subcategories in this great family that is the stitching of a panorama. I wish you a good reading and I hope you find what you're looking for. I remain available to help you furthermore...

All my advice to stitch a panorama...

- If you're a beginner... All my advice to start well Suivre

- Stitch a panorama in 14 steps Suivre





1 - To start well: realize your first panorama

In this tutorial dedicated to panoramic photography by stitching and specifically written for beginners, you'll find numerous pieces of advice to shoot a nice panorama, stitch it well, thanks to simple pieces of advice easy to implement. I won't hesitate to recommend you software or equipment, possibly not free, but always keeping in mind the simplicity of use and very good value for money.

Contents of this tutorial for beginners

1 - What's a panoramic photography?
2 - How to make a panorama?
3 - What photo equipment?
4 - What panorama stitching software + tutorial Hugin and Autopano

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It will always be possible to explore the second part of this guide, still dedicated to panorama stitching but of a professional quality and possibly without compromise about the equipment or the stitching software.




2 - Stitch a panorama in 14 steps

Here you'll find all my advice to realize a panorama of professional quality in 14 very documented steps. You'll also find my purchasing advice for equipment, software and full reviews.

Contents of this tutorial

1 - The camera and its accessories
2 - The lens: what focal?
3 - Tripods and leveling bases
4 - Panoramic heads
5 - How many photos?
6 - Preparatives
7 - Measurement of the light
8 - Shooting
9 - First edits
10 - Correction of optical distortions
11 - Stitching
12 - Stitching software
13 - Final edits

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